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“William Nutt has been with us since the very early days. Notion was a tiny team of six when we first partnered, and he has since remained an invaluable resource to our company and the user community. William knows Notion as well as anyone—and teaches it like none other.”
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Ivan Zhao, Founder & CEO, Notion
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Used by the Notion team itself, Notion A-to-Z is the most effective way to learn Notion and get the most from the versatile app. It's an all-access pass to Notion VIP's continuously refreshed and expanded assortment of premium tutorials, templates and other powerful resources. That includes every version of the Bulletproof Workspace—the most popular Notion framework and top-selling template—which you'll learn to build and adapt for your unique needs.

Through a natural sequence of lessons, you'll acquire essential technical and tactical skills. Strategically crafted practical exercises make concepts "click" unlike any other training, while mock exam questions prepare you for Notion's official certifications.

Notion A-to-Z members also receive prioritization for custom tutorials from FAQs.

You’ll learn the core functions of Notion, strategic methods for implementing them, and the logistics of workspace administration. Beginning with the building blocks, you’ll progress toward the advanced database features and integrations that fuel the most powerful Notion workspaces. Among other topics, that will include:

  • Workspaces & Teamspaces
  • Blocks & Pages
  • User Types, Sharing & Collaboration
  • Updates & Reminders
  • In-Line References & Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Database Views & Linked Databases
  • Relations, Rollups & Formulas
  • Database Templates
  • Strategic Planning & Implementation
  • Notion AI
  • Integrations & Third-Party Tools

You'll join Notion A-to-Z with an admission fee, then continue accessing the refreshed and expanded content with a $48 annual subscription.

As the resource grows, so will the admission fee. Use the code EarlyBirdAtoZ for the best price right now.

In true Notion spirit, Nutt Labs runs a hyper-streamlined operation that delivers extraordinary quality at a high volume. Essential to that system, and due to an unfortunately high rate of fraud, all purchases are nonrefundable.

William Nutt is the foremost Notion expert and creator of Notion VIP, the most popular resource for Notion users. He also fathered the Bulletproof method, Notion's most popular framework and top-selling template.

William has helped scores of teams architect their workspaces to maximize Notion and serve their unique needs. Working directly for Notion, he co-authored the official documentation, launched the certification program, and trained new members of the support team.

His extensive experience gives William unique insight into learning and using Notion most effectively. That insight is the crux of Notion A-to-Z.

Elevate your Notion game.

As A-to-Z expands, so will its price. Use the code EarlyBirdAtoZ for the best price right now.

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