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Create Flowcharts from Notion Databases

TL;DR: Here's the page to duplicate.

Amid a flurry of holiday updates, Notion added support for flowcharts within Code blocks. They make aesthetic and informative additions to Notion pages; however, creating them requires an understanding of the Mermaid syntax. Experienced developers learn it quickly, but for everyday users, it's not so simple. That's why I created a tool that generates Mermaid from database items, which you can paste into your Code block.

Flowcharts in Notion: The Standard Way

At the top-left of a Code block, you can select Mermaid as the language. As you write Mermaid to construct your flowchart, the diagram takes shape at the bottom. This is the Code block's default Split view.

Once your diagram is complete, you can toggle from Split to Preview, which nicely displays only your flowchart.

Flowcharts from Databases

For the users unable to write Mermaid (you're in good company), I've created a simple tool for generating the code for your flowchart from a Notion database. You'll find the video walkthrough most helpful, but here's the gist:

Duplicate this page to your workspace. Within it, you'll find three sections, each representing a step of the process.

Initialize your flowchart.

Notion Flowchart Generator: Initilize
  1. In the Flowcharts database, create a new item to represent your flowchart. Give it a simple name that's easily identifiable, such as "Birthday."
  2. In the Direction property, choose whether your want your flowchart oriented horizontally ("Left-to-Right") or vertically ("Top-to-Bottom").

Create the nodes.

The nodes of your flowchart are the text-filled, colored shapes connected by lines.

Notion Flowchart Generator: Create Nodes
Configure the view.
Notion Flowchart Generator: Duplicate View
Add the nodes.
Create the connections.

A node's parents are the nodes that precede it in the flowchart, connected by a line. For each node, you can choose up to three parents.

Copy and paste the Mermaid.

Notion Flowchart Generator: Paste Mermaid

Questions? I'm all ears @WilliamNutt.

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