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Escape Quotation Marks in a Notion Formula String

You're likely to encounter the need for quotation marks within the input text of your Notion formulas. However, a double quote ends the input string, and escaping it with \ shows the backslash along with the quote. With the replaceAll function, you can create and remove a custom escape, leaving only the quotation mark.

  1. In your text, place @\ in front of each quotation mark.
  2. Include the text as the first input of a replaceAll function. For the second argument (the regular expression to replace), use "@\\" (the custom escape sequence, with the backslash itself escaped). The third argument is simply "" (replace it with nothing).

Here's a full example:

replaceAll("Camille says, @\"Notion is fantastic.@\"", "@\\", "") 

→ Camille says, "Notion is fantastic.
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