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Notion Comments Reimagined

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With Notion's commenting feature, you can discuss page contents with collaborators or leave reminders for yourself. Somewhat of an afterthought in the early days of Notion, comments are now a core feature, rich in collaborative capability. And they continue evolving quickly, so stay tuned to the newsletter, Twitter and YouTube.

Here's what you'll learn in this comprehensive guide:

When to Comment in Notion

For all of Notion's functions, it's no replacement for email, Slack and other communication-specific tools. Comment in Notion only when addressing a specific page or element within a page. In other words, comment on items, and keep general conversations on the platforms built for them.

Here are some ways I commonly use comments:

Where To Comment

Within a Notion page, you can add comments at three levels. Because you're commenting on items, choose your specificity level based on the subject of your comment. Here are your choices:

Page-Level Comments

For comments about the page at-large, you can comment below the page's title: Hover your cursor over the title and choose Add comment.

For pages that belong to a database, this comment area is visible by default and displays below the properties, as we saw in the opening example:

Notion Comments: Page-Level

Block-Level Comments

When addressing a specific item within a page, you can comment on a block:

You might suggest modifying a photo, for example:

Notion Comments: Block-Level

Block-level comments appear within the page margin, with a speech bubble adjacent to the corresponding block.

Text Segment Comments

Within a block, you can comment on a particular text segment:

Notion Comments: Text-Level

Text-level comments appear within the page margin, and the associated text is highlighted yellow.

You'll typically comment at this level to recommend rephrasing or question a statement.

Compose and Format Comments

Make and Manage Threads

Reply to Comments

You can reply to comments by clicking Add a comment at the page level or Reply within block- and text-level modules. This creates a threaded conversation.

Notion Comments: Reply

Expand Threads

As a comment module grows, it folds comments into a more comments button. The first and last comment of the thread will always display, but if either is particularly long, Notion will abbreviate it with a more button.

To expand the module and view the full thread:

Notion Comments: Expand

Resolve Threads

When a thread has reached a conclusion, any user with Can edit permission can archive it: Hover over the module and click Resolve:

Notion Comments: Resolve

Within the Comment Sidebar, you can view and restore resolved comments.

Manage Commenting Permissions

Allow Users to Comment

Permit Commenting on Public Pages

When you publish a page publically, you have the option to Allow comments. Doing so adds a Comment button to the top of the page, which any viewer with a Notion account can click to comment on the page.

Edit, Share and Delete Comments

You can hover over any individual comment to reveal its ••• menu.

The Comments Sidebar

Notion Comments: Comment Sidebar

View All Comments

View and Restore Resolved Threads

Notion Comments: Restore

Comment Notifications

I dive deeper into notifications in Collaborating in Notion, but in short:

You can reply to comments directly from your Inbox, or click the comment to visit the page.

Customize Comments

Here are your options:

Disable Page-Level Comments

For Top-level page discussions, Expanded displays the thread and Off disables that comment type for the page.

Simplify Block- and Text-Level Comments

By choosing Minimal for Page comments, the comment modules in the margin become small speech bubble icons, which you can click to expand:

Notion Comments: Minimal

If you have any questions as you tinker with comments, I'm all ears @WilliamNutt.

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