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Notion FAQ: Where's my "Duplicate" button?

When you purchase a template from a Notion creator, you typically add it to your workspace by duplicating a page, which often contains sub-pages. That’s as simple as clicking Duplicate at the top-right of the page — but the button is often missing when users need it.

Let’s see what determines whether that duplicate button is visible.

App Links vs. Web Links

Notion pages are accessible through two different domains — and

  1.[Workspace Domain]/... — When signed-in users visit a page from its URL, they’re accessing it through the Notion app. They can use all capabilities of Notion within their permission level for the page.
  2. [Workspace Domain] — When a page is published, it gets a web link, which has a URL. That URL is accessible in a read-only format by anyone on the web, just like a web page.

Only web links show the Duplicate button.

When you publish a page, you have the option to Allow duplicate as template. That’s what enables the button. In order to see it, you must visit the version of the page.

Replacing with

If you find yourself on the version of a template or other page that you know to be duplicable, you can easily switch to the web link:

  1. Replace .so with .site
  2. Find the workspace domain after the first /. Replace www with it.

Here’s an example:

App Link:

Web Link:

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