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Notion Formulas: Prioritize Tasks Automatically

This guide details the development of the Automated Task Prioritization template. Dissect it for your own knowledge, or simply adapt its contents for your own needs.

Notion's wide versatility makes it a powerful tool for managing tasks. By pairing the if() function with a prioritization matrix, you can automatically prioritize your tasks to boost your productivity even further.

The if() Function

If you're new to Notion formulas, consider starting with Meet Notion's Formula Property.

The if() function allows you to perform an action if a condition is met, or another action if the condition is unmet. By nesting if() functions, or placing them within one another, you can specify actions for numerous conditions.

The if() function takes three arguments:

  1. The test expression, which evaluates to true or false.
  2. The operation to perform if true.
  3. The operation to perform if false.

For example: if( 2 < 3, "Yes", "No" )"Yes"

Comparison Operators

For the first argument — the test expression — you can use comparison functions, such as test(), or comparison operators, which you'll find in The Notion Formula Cheat Sheet.

Prioritize with the Eisenhower Matrix

What's the Eisenhower Matrix?

With the Eisenhower Matrix, you indicate the importance and urgency of each task:

This will give you one of four actions for each task:

Apply the Eisenhower Matrix to Your Notion Tasks

To prioritize your tasks with the Eisenhower Matrix:

Prioritize with the Marie Matrix

Championed by renowned Notion user Marie Poulin, the Marie Matrix considers the impact and effort of tasks. Each can be low, medium or high; the higher the impact and lower the effort, the higher the priority.

To prioritize your tasks with the Marie Matrix:

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