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Personal Pages in Team Workspaces

Within a team's workspace, members can customize private pages to serve their independent needs and preferences. Like Notion itself, private pages are endlessly versatile, allowing individual users to organize information, plan initiatives, track progress and much more. This post explores how individuals can create custom views of team information, then leverage those views to support their personal productivity.

To get them started, team leaders and workspace administrators can establish templates, which members can tailor to suit their personal workflows. Following the steps below, you'll develop a personalized homepage template, replicating the custom private page from our model workspace.

Parts of the template are intended for workspaces that follow the Bulletproof methodology, where team information is centralized in master databases. If you're unfamiliar with the Bulletproof approach, you might give that post a gander before proceeding with this one.

As you craft your personalized private pages, tweet any questions to @WilliamNutt, or simply respond to the newsletter.

What You'll Learn

Prepare Your Team Information

Person Property in Master Databases

Some elements of this personalized homepage are suited for workspaces built on the Bulletproof methodology, where team information is centralized in four or more master databases: Areas, Projects, Tasks and Resources. The page contains custom views of those databases, displaying only the items related to the team member's work.

While not required, these features certainly enhance the personalized homepage. Should you choose to forgo them, you can move on to the next section. Otherwise, add a Person property to your Areas, Projects and Tasks databases:

If your workspace includes a master Contacts database within the master Resources database:

Areas in Master Contacts
Rollup Property in Contacts Database

Create the Page with a Placeholder Icon and Cover

Notion Page Cover and Icon

With your Person properties added to your master databases, you're ready to create the page that will become your personalized homepage template. You'll find it easiest to construct the page around an existing member — yourself or another member of your team. For easy reference, we'll call that person "Carly."

Create Personal Views of Team Information

If you've opted against the Bulletproof approach, you can move on to the next section.

Notion Page: Personal Views of Areas and Projects

Now, you'll add the Areas, Projects and Tasks that are specific to Carly. Start by creating a heading for the Areas and Projects. You might call them "My Areas" and "My Projects." Arrange them into columns, then add a Divider below each.

Create Views of Areas

Create a Custom Projects List

The custom Projects list is even simpler, as it contains no secondary views.

Create Views of Assigned Tasks

Notion Database: Assigned Tasks

The personalized homepage includes two sets of tasks: the first displays filtered views of the master Tasks database, or "Assigned Tasks." The second is the member's personal task-management system, or "Planner." The member will reference the Assigned Tasks to inform the Planner. Therefore, the Assigned Tasks live within a Toggle so they can be hidden when not in use. Here, we'll create the Assigned Tasks.

Thus, you have three views of the tasks assigned to Carly: a Table, a List and a Calendar. Carly can reference them to inform her personal Planner. When not doing so, she can hide her Assigned Tasks within a toggle.

Add a Personal Planner

The Planner is the hub of the personalized homepage. It's where the member aggregates, plans and tracks tasks using various views. Within their planners, members can paste their upcoming Assigned Tasks and add their own independent asks..

The Planner in our template bundles features from various productivity philosophies, including Getting Things Done (GTD), but members can customize their Planners to suit their personal workflows.

Create the Planner Database

Notion Planner Database

Add Your Properties

Sort Your Default View

With your properties created, you may want to sort the Table by:

  1. Attn.
  2. Scheduled
  3. Deadline

Create a Scheduling Board

Notion Database: Scheduling Board

Viewing tasks within a Board grouped by the Scheduled property will allow the member to plan short-term tasks by dragging them among Scheduled categories.

Create a Context Board

Notion Database: Context Board

Viewing tasks by their Context will allow members to focus on them in the right circumstances.

Create an Area Board

Notion Database: Area Board

Viewing tasks grouped by Area will offer another useful perspective.

Notion Database: Links and Resources

Along with quick access to relevant Areas and Projects, team members will benefit from common links and resources. These will vary considerably among team members, but you can begin with a few placeholders.

Add a column next to My Projects. Make the heading "Links & Resources," and underline it with a Divider.

Add a Custom Contact List

If your team maintains a central database of contacts within the master Resources database, you can filter those contacts to display only those relevant to each member. That's why, in the first section, we created Relation and Rollup properties.

Add Additional Pages

Back on the main page, add any other pages that are uniquely useful to the team member. These can be new pages containing unique database views, as with Carly's Contacts, or Link to Page blocks. Our example includes a link to the Web Design Inspiration page.

Add Web Bookmarks

Below the pages, you might add a Divider, then include one or more Web Bookmarks. Our example includes a link to an online JavaScript course, which is among Carly's weekly goals.

Build a Weekly Goal Tracker

Notion Database: Weekly Goals

You might also want to offer a way for team members to track recurring weekly goals.

Create the Database

Make it a Board

The Board format will allow members to view their weekly goals by the day of the week with a delightful aesthetic. To schedule them, they can easily drag the cards from one day to another, then check the boxes as they're completed. At the start of each week, they can reset the checkboxes in either the Board or Table view.

Make it a Template

With your personalized homepage complete, save it in a location that's accessible to all members. Within a Bulletproof workspace, you can create a new item in Resources, perhaps named "Personalized Homepage Template," then drag the page into it.

With the page, include a note that it should be duplicated and dragged into the private section of the member's sidebar. You might also include some general instruction for customizing and utilizing the page's features.

Encourage an "Inbox"

Many productivity philosophies include a variation of an "inbox" for recording notes and action items that emerge throughout the day. Along with the instructions for your personalized homepage, you might encourage members to create another page to serve as their inbox. The Inbox and Mailbox options on Notion Icons make excellent icons for this page.

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