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10 Ways to Supercharge Notion Calendar

Like Notion itself, Notion Calendar strikes just the right balance between capability and simplicity. It's the best calendar app for modern professionals and a powerful companion to Notion.

In the video above, I explore the features that make it so special—that you'll want to use to maximize the app and streamline your workflow. Here's an overview:

What It's Not: Calendar Sync

Many users initially believe that Notion Calendar syncs your calendar with Notion. Instead, it links events to Notion pages and displays Notion databases within your calendar, intermixed with your events.

Works with Google

At its launch, Notion Calendar connected only with Google Calendar, including Google Workspace. Outlook support is on the roadmap—and hopefully live when you read this.

Share your availability.

From the week view, click Share availability to create a placeholder event with multiple time slots representing your availability. Title the event, specify a duration, then draw your proposed times on the calendar.

Notion Calendar composes a message with your availability listed. Simply copy and paste it into an email to other attendees.

Send a scheduling link.

Notion Calendar also generates a URL where other meeting participants can pick a time and finalize the meeting. Your calendar updates automatically.

View teammate calendars.

If those other participants belong to the same Google Workspace organization, you can view their calendars to the extent they're shared. Just hit the P key and search by email address.

View multiple time zones.

Within the week view, you can view multiple time zones side-by-side, which eliminates the need to calculate time differences in your head. Prompt the command menu with + K, then type "time zone" to see all related actions.

Link to related information.

For each event, Notion Calendar includes a dedicated field for URLs, where you can link to related information.

Automate conference links.

Within Settings, you can specify a primary conference service, which Notion Calendar will use to generate conference links automatically for meetings (events with at least one other participant). Choose Zoom or Google Meet, or enter a custom URL.

Preview events from other apps.

Preview active and upcoming events in your Mac menu bar, iOS widgets and even tabs in the Arc web browser.

Navigate with keyboard shortcuts.

Manage your calendar at light speed with Notion Calendar's hotkeys. Type ? to view them all. Here are few less obvious ones that I use often:

Link to Notion pages.

In Settings, you can connect Notion Calendar to one or more Notion workspaces. That unleashes its most powerful capabilities.

From any event's Docs and links field, you can connect an existing Notion page or create a new one. Within the Bulletproof framework, this feature is perfect for adding pages to the Meetings & Events database.

View Notion databases in your calendar.

With a Notion workspace connected, you can also display any database with a Date property and calendar or timeline view. Its items appear just like events on your calendar.

To help you understand this relationship between Notion Calendar and Notion databases, I've made the sample databases Projects, Posts and Whaley's Vaccinations available here for you to duplicate and inspect.

And of course, they're available in their full versions, along with the rest of the Bulletproof Notion Workspace, to members of Notion A-to-Z. If you're not yet a member, consider joining us for making the most of Notion.

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