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New Notion features, "Wiki" superpowers, and automated flowcharts

Hey Gang — I’m back with another hearty dose of resources for maximizing Notion. Here's what you'll learn:

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Wikis: An Overlooked Superpower

Notion’s Wiki feature combines the flexibility of pages with the structure of databases. Considering my #1 rule for using Notion, that makes them immensely advantageous. But Wikis are made particularly powerful by an underlying capability that’s known to few users.

In this 6-minute guide, I explain the fundamentals of Wikis and showcase that hidden superpower. The guide references a "Notion Wiki Starter" that’s configured to leverage the full power of Wikis. Get it for $1 by liking the video (honor system) then using the code VIP_WIKI within the next 24 hours.

New Features, Fresh Format

With last week’s release of Notion 2.32, the team took a more engaging and useful approach to presenting new features: a video with explanations and demonstrations from the Notioneers themselves.

I listed each feature with its timestamp. I’m most excited for:

Stay tuned for tutorials.

Notion vs. Coda: Different Strengths for Different Needs

Coda is among the apps most often compared to Notion. Each offers a powerful framework for building a custom, cohesive system for your information. But beyond their fundamental similarities, Notion and Coda hold subtle differences that serve particular users.

Notion VIP has partnered with Coda to produce a series of practical, honest comparisons to help you choose the best app for you. They’ll be published over the coming months. In the meantime, this comparison from the insightful Noah Silverstein is the best so far.

Generate Flowcharts from Notion Databases

Flowcharts are essential to planning and documenting systems of all kinds, especially Notion workspaces. But few services generate flowcharts from structured information, like spreadsheets. So I created a tool for building flowcharts with Notion databases.

Follow the guide to learn about flowcharts in Code blocks and how to use the generator. Then snag the tool for $1 by liking the video (honor system) and using the code VIP_FLOW within the next 24 hours.

FAQ: Where’s my "Duplicate" button?

When you access a template from Notion A-to-Z, Notion VIP or another creator, you typically duplicate it to your workspace. That’s easy if you see the "Duplicate" option, but users often find that button MIA. In this snapshot, I cover the two types of Notion URLs and how to show the "Duplicate" button when you need it.


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